Sonia Ayaz is an independent high fashion label which is animal and eco-friendly.

Created by British designer, Sonia Ayaz, the brand was born out of Sonia’s personal experiences of putting her health first and making an important lifestyle change.

After suffering from several health issues, Sonia took the decision to eliminate toxins from her body through the food she eats and the products she uses. After years of effort, Sonia is now proudly 100% chemical free and vegan. While on her journey of recovery, Sonia was inspired to start her own label and produce stylish, luxury bags that are vegan, ethical and eco-friendly.

From the beginning, Sonia was clear she didn’t want to compromise style for sustainability, so she made it her mission to source the best leather alternatives and makers to work with. This journey took Sonia around the world and now, Sonia’s first product, the Electra handbag, is ready after nearly two years of hard work – now that’s a lot of love!

The product development process was a healing tool that helped Sonia reflect on her lifestyle and change her habits – the result is not only a beautiful handbag and burgeoning new fashion label, but it’s also a reflection of Sonia and her ethos and commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly products.



Electra is a minimalist, luxury handbag, which is meticulously handcrafted in Spain using quality, eco-friendly materials.

Why Spain? Southern Spain holds hundreds of years of history of skilled craftsmanship for leather and non-leather alternative production,as well a new approach to ethical sourcing.

The small artisan studio in Spain is where Electra comes to life, after being sourced around the world. Here skilled craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation, with that keen eye and passion, it is here where Electra takes her form.

Sonia Ayaz’s commitment is to continue creating employment in this region of Spain and keep the craftsmanship alive in these small studios, by working with them to produce her current and future products.