Welcome to the world of ethical fashion, where we share our common interest and ethos.

I'm Sonia, the founder of Sonia Ayaz luxury handbags. I started this brand out of my own personal experiences, where I decided to go 100% chemical free and vegan after suffering from several health issues. While making this important lifestyle change, I was inspired to start my own label and develop stylish, luxury bags that are animal and eco-friendly.

I wanted to create a brand that resonates with me, is a part of me and is a healing tool for me.

I spent nearly two years developing the Electra handbag, travelling through Spain, Italy and China to find the best ethical, sustainable materials and makers to work with. The end product is a minimalist, luxury handbag, which is meticulously handcrafted in Spain using quality, eco-friendly materials. Electra is designed to function as both a daytime and evening bag, with room for all your everyday essentials, including an iPad.

Sonia Ayaz is transparent in all aspects of the business. For our handbags, we only use leather alternatives that are kinder to the environment and animals. We are sweat-shop free and our products are only made in a small artisan studio in Spain.

We strive to be sustainable, ethical and vegan. We are proud to be self-funded with full control over our business choices and ventures.

Welcome to Sonia’s World x